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Yamada Iron Hammered 24cm

Yamada Iron Hammered 24cm

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Three weeks. We ship directly from Tokyo.

This is a high-quality round bottom wok, handcrafted and hammered in Japan by expert craftsman from Yamada Kogyo, a family-owned metalworking factory in Yokohama.

Yamada Kogyo is noted for manufacturing high-quality metallic kitchen gadgets especially wok pans. Yamada's Woks are hammered one by one. These Japanese woks are popular worldwide due to its toughness, great heat conduction and high compatibility with oil.

It's processing method called "Uchidashi (hammering)" is also famous. They hammer an iron plate hundreds of times and manually create a pot shape. By doing this, the iron particle gets more compact and harder, so Yamada's wok is lighter and tougher than conventional pressed counterparts. With this forging method, the surface of wok contains bumps and dips. However, this gives the wok greater heat conductivity. These dimples also makes the oil settling smoother, therefore foods are less likely to stick on the wok and harder to burn compared with conventional woks.


Use for stir-fried vegetables, fried rice, and cooking sauces, soups or fried foods.

Yamada's wok includes anti-rust coating. Before using, heat the wok to burn off this coating, and wash it thoroughly with detergent when it gets cool.