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Sugiyama Metal Defrosting Plate

Sugiyama Metal Defrosting Plate

78,00 CHFPreis


Estimated Arrival

Three weeks. We ship directly from Tokyo.


Product dimensions (external dimensions):250 mm (width) X 215 mm (depth) X 27 mm (height)
Product weight: 700g

Packaged weight: (approx.) 802g/piece


Country of manufacture: Japan

Material / component: Body: Aluminum alloy (bottom thickness: 2.5 mm)
Surface finish: silicon coating

Package: Individual Packaging

Year of manufacture: 2023

Product tag: Attached

No loss of flavor! Just put food on it and it defrosts quickly!

Quick defrosting! Quick freezing! For removing rough heat!
Simply place frozen meat or fish on the defrosting plate.
It defrosts faster than natural defrosting.