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Mino ware Small Plate

Mino ware Small Plate

86,00 CHFPreis



Estimated Arrival

Three weeks. We ship directly from Tokyo.


Weight/approx. 135g


Country of manufacture: Japan

Material / component: White porcelain ware / Mino ware (made in Japan)

Package: Individual box

[Boxed set of 2 patterns] Chidori zukushi 9.5cm bean dish set, Karakusa Chidori & Cloisonne Chidori

Ogiso, who is famous for his love of birds in the pottery world, recommends this series of tableware with bird patterns. Ogiso, a well-known bird lover in the pottery world, recommends the Chidori-zukushi series of tableware with bird patterns.
These plates are perfect for accenting your table.
This time, a set of two patterns that are cute when used as a pair.
Both are full of staggered birds!

Recommended for: Mame-dara (soybean dishes), small plates, tasting plates, gifts, gifts, New Year's tableware, wedding gifts, and more.