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Mino ware Plate 23cm

Mino ware Plate 23cm

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Country of manufacture: Japan

Material / component: Ceramic (20% recycled ceramic clay / Re20) / Mino ware (made in Japan)

Package: No individual boxes

The delicate relief pattern is beautiful [asumi series].
The natural and subdued coloring is a perfect match.
The design, which is a fusion of Japanese and Western, retro and modern, will make both your home cooking and entertaining dishes colorful.

This three-partitioned plate has a lovely pressed floral pattern.
Appetizers, appetizers, and desserts are sure to be a hit.

This girly design can be used not only as a plate, but also as a tray for accessories and other small items.

Clay, the raw material of pottery, is extracted from the earth, but once fired, pottery does not return to the earth even after 1,000 years.
Until now, the only way to dispose of unused tableware was to bury it in landfill.
The idea of how to recycle them and reuse them again as raw materials for pottery led to the creation of dishes made from recycled clay, called "Re-dishware" ([asumi] is made by kneading 20% of used dish scraps, which are crushed until they are less than 1 mm in diameter, into conventional clay. (asumi is made by kneading 20% of used dish scraps into conventional clay, which is ground to less than 1 mm).

Recommended uses: appetizer plates, appetizer plates, delicacy plates, condiment plates, dessert plates, confectionery plates, trays, accessory holders, and accessory containers.