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Marujyu Ceramic Grill

Marujyu Ceramic Grill

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Country of manufacture: Japan

Material / component: Bottom: Ceramics
Top: Iron (chrome plating)

Package: Individual Packaging

Year of manufacture: 2023

Product tag: Attached

Made in Japan Marujyu wire mesh cookware grill net grill net fish grill net kitchen toast

*22cm ceramic grill net (large).
*The far-infrared ray effect of ceramic makes it tasty and fluffy.
*Place the ceramic part face down on the fire.
*Warming the griddle before placing food on it prevents food from sticking to the griddle.
*Easy maintenance, short baking time, not only for bread, but also for vegetables, fish, rice cakes, etc.
*It can also be used in place of a toaster.

*The color of the product may slightly differ from the actual product due to the condition of the monitor. Please understand this in advance.
*Can be used on a gas stove in the kitchen or on a tabletop stove that uses solid fuel. It cannot be used with outdoor gas burners or other cooking utensils that use cassette cylinders, as the radiated heat from the ceramic may cause the cylinders to explode.
*Not for use with induction cooktops.
*Not for use with cassette stoves (the cylinder may overheat due to the far-infrared effect, making it dangerous).
*Wash after use after the heat has cooled.
*Please avoid foods that produce a large amount of baking juices or oil。