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Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat

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Three weeks. We ship directly from Tokyo.

This is a yellow lucky cat with a mallet of luck. The yellow color is said to be a bringer of "good luck". It comes with a cushion so it looks good when displayed. 

It is said that a cat with its right paw up will being fortune and lucky. 

The lucky mallet is a small mallet that can be waved while chanting the name of a wish or something you want, and it will come true.

In the old days, Japanese farmers living with cats were said to prosper without crop damage because cats would drive away rats that damage their crops.
Today, also known as a "lucky cat," the beckoning cat is popular as a charm of good financial fortune.

Filled with Japanese tradition and good fortune, this lucky cat is excellent for your house decor and brings good luck to you and your loved ones. 


  • Dimension: 13.5cm(5.3in) x11.5cm(4.5in) xH17cm(6.7in)
  • Material: Porcelain 
  • Origin: Made in Japan
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