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Japanese Noren

Japanese Noren

68,00 CHFPreis

Approx. 85 cm (width) x 150 cm (length)


Country of manufacture: China

Material / component: 100% polyester%

Package: Individual bag packaging

Product tag: Attached

Product Description
Japanese design popular at home and abroad.

The perimeter and the cracks are sewn [Hon-Sewing Goodwill].

The fabric is a standard lace fabric that is soft and has a subtle transparency.
The fabric is made of standard lace fabric with a soft, translucent feel.

[Goodwill can be used in a variety of ways!
As a blindfold for doorless entryways, storage rooms, kitchen/room boundaries, shelves, etc.
As a partition where you want to open a door for ventilation or to check the adjoining room.
Hang it on the wall as if you were decorating a picture.
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