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Edoma 3 tatami mats (approximately 176 x 261 cm)

Edoma 3 tatami mats (approximately 176 x 261 cm)

262,00 CHFPreis

Estimated Arrival

Three weeks. We ship directly from Tokyo.

[Ethical (regional)] A special overlay made of abundant high-quality Japanese rush grass. You can refresh your Tatami room just by laying it down. Please use it as a cover to refresh tatami that has been tanned and not to stain new tatami. We use domestic (Kyushu) rush mats 115-120 cm long. About 87cm of it is used. The edges of the heri will be slightly whitened (this is not tanning). (This is not tanning, but the color of the base and tip of the rush grass.) The longer the rushes are, the higher the quality. The tips of the rushes are reddish brown, the base is white, and the center is blue (green). The more of the good quality blue part in the middle is used, the stronger and more beautiful the finish will be. The more of the blue part in the middle of the rushes is used, the more beautiful and even the entire surface will be tanned and tasted. We use Japanese rushes (produced in Kyushu). Each strand of Japanese rush grass is thicker, with a thicker outer skin and finer fibers, making it more resilient and durable. Rigusa has the characteristics of purifying the air, regulating humidity, and being stain resistant. The rush grass is treated with Aomori Hiba (Aomori Hiba). (Antibacterial and deodorizing effect) It is economical because both sides can be used.

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